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Ding Dong Osama’s Dead

Having just returned from a two day “college tour” with our high school junior I actually was in bed at 9:30 last night and did not hear the news until this morning.  The great news.  It was funny listening to the right-leaning talk shows today as the hosts grudgingly gave praise to Obama, but not quite happy about it.  I am happy about it and can acknowledge that “It’s Bush’s fault.”  Having taken the mess of our intelligence community left after Clinton and Garelick (the “Wall” lady) and infusing a mass of support and pride our human intelligence (“humint”)capabilities were greatly improved.  That’s not saying much since our humint was so lacking, but yesterday’s events prove the value of himint.  We may never know what all transpired, but Obama, perhaps unwittingly gave props to Bush,

A Pressmas Carol – Chapter Three

This is Chapter Three of a three part short story on a Free Press

                                                    (Chapter One can be found here and Chapter Two here).

Charles was startled awake again from his sleep, but this time it was his alarm.  Charles never pushed the snooze button, but today he indulged himself.  He deserved another 8 minutes of sleep.  He remembered his dreams vividly, but did not comprehend the meaning behind the visits.  For some reason, he expected another ghostly apparition, but the third had not arrived and for that he was grateful.