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Business Speaks…FINALLY!

It has been beyond comprehension to me that business men and women have not really spoken out about the direction of our country and the climate in which they have to navigate to do business. They have been so un-Galt-like that it frankly had me frightened. There have been those like Steve Wynn and the bombastic Donald Trump who have been outspoken, but most have been silent. Some have begun to speak and their knowledge of the economy should carry weight and many have been darlings of the lame-stream media so they’ll have some coverage, at least initially until the media “discovers” (i.e. told by the White House) that they are really crackpots.

With Friends Like These…

As someone who sits more in the middle (I don’t buy the “right” label anymore) I cannot help but chuckle as President Obama’s leftist friends start to treat him with the same level of respect as they used for President Bush. They have held their tongues for over two years, but as Obama faces the tough path of being elected versus running for office, some of his actions are leaving his “friends” unable to hold their tongues. It would be more humorous if the issues weren’t more serious and perhaps with the future of our country at stake.

Update – True American Hero – Carrie Prejean

Update May 12, 2009 – In what is now my quickest update, The Donald decreed that Miss Prejean’s photographs were “acceptable” and that she may keep her Miss California crown.  As I searched for news reports on today’s events, I was struck by this blurb:

“Donald Trump will announce whether he will let gay-bashing, born-again beauty Carrie Prejean keep her crown.”

The MSM and the vitriolic left just cannot let it go.  I’ll finish this short update using Mr. Trump’s words:

“Carrie is totally beautiful, and her answer, because of that, took on greater importance. Unfortunately, that’s the way the press works. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”