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Heart Collector

heart collector 2Amazon has this great program for its Prime members.  Each month you are eligible for a free novel (Kindle version) of a new release, we usually have two to pick from.  It’s called Kindle First and is a great way to read something by a new author.  Unfortunately I hadn’t known about this program for a few years and I wonder how many good books I missed.  Oh and did I mention that they are free?  I love free.  Amazon surprise us in January and we were able to pick two from a choice of four.

The Unquiet Bones

unquiet bonesI am fond of many different types of books and the easiest for me to be grabbed by are thrillers – fast moving world travel with high-tech weapons and the world on the verge of collapse. The Unquiet Bones features none of that. The hero of this novel is Hugh de Singleton, the local surgeon, who cannot bill himself as a doctor as he had not finished his schooling. Singleton’s skills, and some luck being near the site of an injured nobleman give him an opportunity to improve his station or at least his ability to make a better living.

Wild Fire

John Corey and his wife Kate Mayfield are back after losing some friends on 9/11.  Corey is his irascible self, but Kate has undergone some transformation since being so close to the tragedy on that fateful day.  In Wild Fire the detective team is looking to solve a crime involving a close friend when they stumble upon a infinitely more world-changing plot.  I’ve come to expect a lot of suspense and thrills from author Nelson DeMille and as usual, he delivered in Wild Fire.  Except for the fate of an old friend near the end I was somewhat disappointed in how DeMille chose to deal with some of the big bad boys.  I would have preferred a more definitive end to their “careers.”

The Godwulf Manuscript

“You from House Beautiful or something? He said.  ‘Nope, I’m a private detective.’  I showed him the photostat of my license.  ‘I’m trying to clear Terry Orchard of the murder charge.  I’m also looking for the Godwulf Manuscript and I think they’re connected.  Can you help me?’  ‘I don’t know nothing about no murder, man, and nothing about no jive ass manuscript.’  Why did all the radical white kids from places like Scarsdale and Bel Air try to talk as if they’d been brought up in Brownsville and Watts?  He stubbed out his Kool and lit another.”