Framing the Dialogue

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I, Pencil

I ordered a copy of this writing at the suggestion of a speaker at a workshop that I recently attended. I love when others recommend books that they truly enjoy. Though more of a pamphlet than a book, I, Pencil contains a powerful message. Author Leonard Read’s 50th Anniversary Edition of I, Pencil arrived at my door and expecting more of a book I was somewhat disappointed at its lack of girth…until I started reading.

Predictably Irrational

predictable irrationalSome of the great truths that most of us (actually all of us) believe about ourselves is that we are great drivers (it’s always the other jerk), that we look good in our favorite outfits, and we make good, rational decisions.  In Predictably Irrational author Dan Ariely leaves our delusions about driving and fashion alone and focuses on “The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions.” 

Yes or No

If you are like me and do not always make the right decision, you might find Yes or No helpful.  In the aptly subtitled “Guide to Better Decisions,” Spencer Johnson, M.D. provides thinking points to consider when you make decisions. 

As is his style, Dr. Johnson uses a story to illustrate his points.  The very readable story includes such subjects as; Finding My Way, Using My Head, Crossing the Bridge, Arriving at a Better Decision, and Acting on a Better Decision. 

The culmination is Dr. Johnson’s “Map to a Better Decision” and a removable index card outlining these recommendations.