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Portrait of a Spy

About a month ago I get my edition of Costco Connection in the mail and was excited!  No there’s wasn’t a sale on batteries (actually there was), but news of the upcoming release of Daniel Silva’s new novel, Portrait of a Spy, feature heroic Gabriel Allon.  I fastidiously set the date on my Droid calendar and planned to drive to Costco on the release day to pick up my copy.  I arranged my reading plan so that I could start the book that night.  I was excited on the drive that day.  When I got there the book was no where in sight.  Frustrated, I rechecked my calendar and it was July 12 yet there was no book.  I used the power of my Verizon unlimited data package to search Mr. Silva’s website only to find out that I had gotten the date wrong and was a week early,

The Rembrandt Affair

Super spy Gabriel Allon is back!  When a not so famous painting by an extremely famous artist (venture to guess who?) is stolen and a man is murdered Allon is called upon by a friend to investigate.  The Rembrandt Affair begins like a typical thriller as Allon enters the world of art theft, murder, and powerful people. 

Author Daniel Silva does not let his hero relax very long as Gabriel Allon and his wife are nearly blown up when they travel to Argentina to talk to a man who may have some information they need.  The Rembrandt Affair digs into deep dark secrets of World War II and those who survived heinous crimes and those who perpetrated them.

The Defector

The Russians are back from the Cold War in Daniel Silva’s new thriller in the Gabriel Allon series.  This may be his best work yet as I could not wait for it to hit the shelves.  The Defector did not disappoint as I could not put it down. 

For those of you who did not know, the Russians were the bad guys.  As usual, Silva uses current political events as a backdrop for this novel surround the secret community of spies.

I highly recommend that you add The Defector to your summer reading list.  You really don’t have to read the others in this series, but you will enjoy this book more if you first read Moscow Rules.

Daniel Silva

I had the good fortune of stumbling upon A Death in Vienna by Daniel Silva at a flea market this summer. I risked the dollar and bought the book. I took it with me on vacation to Virginia Beach. To say I couldn’t put it down might sound like a cliche, but it is true. I really devoured this book which lead me to the search for and read all of Mr. Silva’s other book this summer: