Framing the Dialogue

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Demand That They Shut Up

I am not sure who I dislike more, the main-stream media who are supposed to keep big government in check or the Hollyweirdos who are just supposed to entertain us yet love to preach to us about our behavior.  They are both hypocrites and in my mind dangerous to society as they use their soapbox to manipulate the underinformed…hence the last election.  These celebrities cannot help but butt into current events and thoughtfully tell us how society should behave.

Some ingenious soul put this video together showing the angelic celebrities juxtaposed with some of their movie/television work.  Hypocrites all!

Pursuit Of Honor

As I contemplated this review of Vince Flynn’s latest (until this November) Mitch Rapp novel which I finished last night, I found an Associated Press article that best expresses one of the main themes of the novel.  I have often wondered, hell even hoped, that America had men and women dedicated to the destruction of our enemies.  Those who are focused on doing harm to the United States need to be dealt with.  We never really know them, their exploits, and how they keep us safe.