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Toyotomi Blades

toyotomi bladesThe Toyotomi Blades is a sequel to Death In Little Tokyo from author Dale Furutani featuring amateur sleuth Ken Tanaka.  Mr. Tanaka has been laid off and while using his severance pay to pay the bills he is trying to decide what to do with his middle-aged life.  This American’s popularity in Japan is bolstered because he solved the murder of a Japanese citizen and Tanaka is also of Japanese heritage.  Off he goes to Japan for his fifteen minutes of fame…and a whole new mystery in a land where he does not speak the language.

Death In Little Tokyo

death in little tokyoKen Tanaka is a bit down and out, but has found a love of murder mystery weekends he discovered when he attended one on a lark.  He had just won one and it was his turn to develop a mystery for the group.  As he was planning his event he became involved in a Death in Little Tokyo.  Cute how I did that?  Written by Dale Furutani it is obviously set in Little Tokyo.  Tanaka gets involved to clear his name and becomes tied to the case and finds himself in a bit of trouble.

Death At The Crossroads

death at the crossroadsI did something unusual with this book. This novel is the first in a three part series featuring ronin samurai Matsuyama Kaze.  I had inadvertently read the second book first then read the third.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t go back are then read the third.  I so enjoyed the other two books that I was compelled to buy the first one.  In Death at the Crossroads we are introduced to Kaze, a wandering ronin who is on a mission to fulfill a request from his former master’s wife.  As he wanders Japan he is thrust in the middle of a murder near what seems to be a dysfunctional town overseen by a dysfunctional lord.  As with the other books in the series Kaze uses both his wits and strength to work toward solving the mysteries.

Kill The Shogun

kill the shogunThis is the third and final in Dale Furutani’s Samurai Mystery series.  In Kill the Shogun, Ronin samurai, Matsuyama Kaze is in Edo, the new capital of Japan and the seat of the new Shogun.  As the area bustles with construction of the new capital and castle Kaze is still on his quest to find the daughter of his former master.  As building rise so do the aspirations of the other samurai as they jostle within the new hierarchy of the new leadership.