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Unelected Group of People

If you need any more information regarding the Regime that is the Obama Administration’s his latest use of third-world politics in his threat” aimed at the Supreme Court;

“I’m confident that the Supreme Court will not take what would be an unprecedented, extraordinary step of overturning a law that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress.”

Executive Power

The framers wrote the Constitution to provide for a separation of powers, or three separate branches of government. Each has its own responsibilities and at the same time they work together to make the country run smoothly and to assure that the rights of citizens are not ignored or disallowed. This is done through checks and balances. A branch may use its powers to check the powers of the other two in order to maintain a balance of power among the three branches of government. The three branches of the U.S. Government are: Legislative, Executive, Judicial

Update – Are The Czars Out Tonight

Much has been written about Obama’s bevy of extra constitutional czars and their seeming unlimited power and lack of congressional oversight. Perhaps even the staunchest Obama-zombie can overlook this power grab because of the promise to fundamentally change the way things are done in Washington. It must be getting hard for the Obama-zombies (and I apologize to regular zombies) to ignore the ever-growing number of examples of the blob-like intrusion of the federal government into even their rose-colored Obama-glasses.

Are the Czars Out Tonight

Much has been written about Obama’s use of “Czars” by his administration.  These extra-Constitutional advisors had been used by other presidents, but never before had so many had so much power in our government.  That is the trouble that many of us have with the Obama czar explosion when he took office. He appointed around thirty highly paid advisors, gave them big budgets, gave them staff, and in some cases gave them lots of power…unchecked power.  None of Obama’s czars were confirmed by the Senate.  Their power was not balanced by any other branch of government.  They enjoy nearly cabinet level status in this White House.  Quite a few of them are controversial because of their views and/or statements.  Perhaps the most infamous was Green Jobs Czar Van Jones who had to “resign” because of some of his views.

The New Road to Serfdom

Nearly two years ago I crowned Daniel Hannan a True American Hero.  He was my forth Hero and my second in a row who were not American.  What strikes me most about Daniel Hannan is his deep love of the United States;

“Truly, I thought, America is an extraordinary country.  Every time you think you’ve got it sussed, it surprises you.  It is the sheer diversity of the United States that makes anti-Americanism so perverse.  All humanity is represented in one nation, rendering the dislike of that nation an act of misanthropy.”

No Gulf Trip

Exxon Valdez, Hurricane Ivan, Ruby Ridge, Monica Lewinsky, Iranian U.S. Embassy take over, Bay of Pigs, and Hurricane Katrina were all disasters faced by White House different administrations.  Besides the worst economy and near 10% unemployment Obama has his first “natural” disaster. 

So what has Obama done so far?  Not much. Over a week after the disaster he has promised to escalate the federal response to the spill.  The citizens of the Gulf coast should feel pretty good as Eric Holder has sent a team of lawyers to “monitor” the oil spill.  That’s really what the wildlife, citizens, fishermen, and responders need is a bunch of lawyers.  My guess is that there are plenty of ambulance chasers there already.  This move should tell you all that you need to know about this administration.  Lawyers!  Really?

America’s Tell

For those of you who don’t play or watch poker, a tell is something a player does that tips off his opponents to the quality of his hand.  A twitch of the eye, becoming too chatty, different breathing, or even becoming quiet all of a sudden can give your hand away.  In head to head competition allowing your opponent to  know your hand will ensure an eminent loss of chips.

I think that Americans can only hope that President Obama is one heck of a bluffer as he doesn’t seem  to be holding his hand close to his vest:

A New Kind of Pork

Apparently the federal government is tired of hearing about pork spending on highway projects so they went out and actually bought some pork with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (“ARRA”) money.  The Department of Agriculture actually purchased over three-quarters of a million pounds of ham slices to the tune of $1.2 million. 

Fox News did the math and you or I could have purchased similar products at a retail store for about half the price.  As a Costco and Sam’s Club member, I can appreciate purchasing in bulk, however, that much pork is impressive.