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Brain Rules

Exercise, survival, wiring, attention, short-term memory, long-term memory, sleep, stress, sensory integration, vision, gender, and exploration…These are the twelve principle exposed by author John Medina to keep your brain healthy, wealthy, and wise.  These are fully outlined in Medina’s Brain Rules.

In Medina’s chapter on attention he addressed our spans of attention…generally a full ten minutes.  As an introvert who now enjoys giving presentations that often last longer than that I was interested in his theory.  He doesn’t suggest that you cannot talk for more than ten minutes, you may just have to grab their attention every nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds.

Dilbert 2.0 – 20 Years of Dilbert

It may seem strange to include a comic strip compilation in a top ten list of books, and I will admit to being strange.  Scott Adams, however, has a way of capturing the insanity of working life in Dilbert that simply makes me laugh.  How many of you have clipped a favorite out of the paper and posted it in your office.  I laminate the really good ones before they are hung.