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Hitchhikers Guide

As I drove through yet another snow storm and crappy roads I passed a guy walking along a bridge.  I see this guy nearly every day.  I tend to get to work early so I sit in my car and read the paper.  This guy usually walks by on his way to what I assume is his work.  I probably wouldn’t pay him much attention, but he wears a powder blue North Carolina University jacket and it is very noticeable.  I had thought that he must take a bus and walk from his bus stop to work on the island.  I work on an island that doesn’t have bus service.

If A Crook Falls In The Forest….

A famous philosophical puzzle asks the question whether a tree that falls in the forest makes any sound when there is no one around to hear it.  As an engineer by education and thought I really did not enjoy these types of “core” classes in college even though they gave me a “well rounded” education.  My philosophy class was perhaps the most tedious class ever and was dominated by seemingly endless discussions about what ifs and could be’s.  Our bearded professor certainly looked the part and in many ways I was happy that at least one person with a degree in philosophy was gainfully employed in his profession.

Super Freakonomics

In the follow-up to their best selling and controversial book Freakonomics, authors Levitt and Dubner traveled a less controversial path.  As usual they provide interesting theories, but I found Super Freakonomics to to have missed the connection and detail relating to economics.  The book is probably more readable for the general public, but I missed the details in every story.

One of best parts of the book was a discussion about global warming near the end of the book.  It was the first balanced discussion that I have ever read.  The discussion centers around a group of brilliant men and should be part of a robust public debate: