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One Of These Things


This page from a recent Costco magazine immediately reminded me of that old Sesame Street skit One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other.  The look on the little plush lamb’s face is quite understandable!


Portrait of a Spy

About a month ago I get my edition of Costco Connection in the mail and was excited!  No there’s wasn’t a sale on batteries (actually there was), but news of the upcoming release of Daniel Silva’s new novel, Portrait of a Spy, feature heroic Gabriel Allon.  I fastidiously set the date on my Droid calendar and planned to drive to Costco on the release day to pick up my copy.  I arranged my reading plan so that I could start the book that night.  I was excited on the drive that day.  When I got there the book was no where in sight.  Frustrated, I rechecked my calendar and it was July 12 yet there was no book.  I used the power of my Verizon unlimited data package to search Mr. Silva’s website only to find out that I had gotten the date wrong and was a week early,

Reflections Over a Quarter Pound Hot Dog

I enjoy shopping at Costco and often partake of their delicious and inexpensive fare after my shopping is done.  How can you beat a delicious quarter pound hot dog and a 20 ounce drink (with free refills) for under two dollars?  Even with the great food attraction I try to avoid Saturday shopping when possible because of the long lines and crowds, particularly around the free sample stations.  I find these aisle-clogging freee food stations maddening when I am in a hurry which is what I am when the store is crowded.  In a good day you can pretty much fill up with free food, but I don’t understand why folks think that they actually have to eat the sample right there in front of the server?  If it is something good (I had a lobster ravioli and IT WAS GOOD!) I want some and if it’s not I want around you.

Googling Herself

A while back I was dismayed by an editorial/comment by one of the editors of the Costco magazine regarding Al Gore and Glenn Beck.  I took exception to a membership magazine disparaging Beck while hoisting Gore on a pedestal to schlep his most recent book.  My post, Costco Disconnection was perhaps my most read and certainly most commented on article.  You can follow the link if you want to read the original posting. 

I’m A Cart Watcher

A hobby that I have developed is cart watching.  When we Costco shop we generally have lunch and I love to watch what other people buy.  A friend of mine calls it the 200 club because that is about what it costs to get out of the store.  I recently spoke to the local manager on a busy Saturday and he told me that their revenue averages around a half million dollars on a typical Saturday.  It is amazing how fast you can get to a hundred or even two hundred dollars. 

Update – Costco Disconnection

1130092042A month ago Costco featured former VP, Al Gore, on their magazine cover.  Many members of the warehouse club expressed our displeasure with both the free publicity for Gore (he was hawking a book) and the shot the editor David Fuller seemed to take at Glenn Beck who was charged by Costco for the same privilege to hawk his book.  The second of these issues is what I objected to and posted my original Costco Disconnection.  I was surprised at the comments and how fast members responded to my comments.  The Costco Connection even posted a comment.

Costco Disconnection

CostcoIf you asked my family, they may describe my relationship with Costco as a special one.  I do most of the grocery shopping for our family and I do most of it at Costco.  I have belonged to our local store since it opened many years ago and even have a favorite parking spot (though I rarely get it).  My youngest often goes with me and we enjoy snack-shopping (being fed lots of samples while we shop) and having lunch together after we shop.  My chili recipe ingredients starts with two big packs of Costco ground chuck, a big pack of red peppers, a huge can of whole tomatoes, and a huge can of tomato paste (I should explain that we have a huge freezer and this recipe makes enough for about ten meals).

Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish

Penny wise and dollar foolish is a way my mother might describe someone who pinches their pennies yet wastes many dollars.  There are many examples of this in our culture.  How many of you knew someone last summer when gas prices were over $4.00 per gallon would drive out of their way to save 1 or 2 cents per gallon?  They probably spent $2.00 in gas to save 50 cents for their fill up. 

I have to admit, that I paid close attention to gas prices and would plan my errands around where the cheaper gas was.  I did not make special trip, but would top off my tank if I passed a station with lower priced gas.