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Cream Puff Murder

Cream Puff MurderJoanne Fluke’s Hannah Swensen finds another body in her small hometown of Lake Eden, Minnesota.  This time the victim in not well liked in the town and Hannah, her sisters, and about half the town takes the “case” to solve the crime.  As usual, the novel centers around Swensen’s cookie business and there are lots of references to her cookies. 

Carrot Cake Murder

Carrot Cake MurderI am catching up on the Hannah Swensen murder mysteries and in the latest, Hannah Swensen discovers the dead body of a long-lost relative of her business partner.  Gus took off when he was very young only to return decades later.  Gus had a lot of enemies and when he found himself stabbed in the heart, a lot of past grievances are revealed including a unique tattoo that many of the women of the town knew about.