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Feeling Naked

I had left the house this morning ahead of schedule.  I didn’t have to pack a lunch since I had plans to be out in the field today and we’d go out to lunch between inspections.  I was feeling pretty good getting an early jump and started my car to let it warm up while I walked out to get the paper.  This should have been the first warning of pending catastrophe as the paper was not there yet.  In the four years that I have been getting home delivery this is only third time I can remember it not being there.  This upset my routine as I usually get to work early enough to read the paper before starting.

Hitchhikers Guide

As I drove through yet another snow storm and crappy roads I passed a guy walking along a bridge.  I see this guy nearly every day.  I tend to get to work early so I sit in my car and read the paper.  This guy usually walks by on his way to what I assume is his work.  I probably wouldn’t pay him much attention, but he wears a powder blue North Carolina University jacket and it is very noticeable.  I had thought that he must take a bus and walk from his bus stop to work on the island.  I work on an island that doesn’t have bus service.

Three Words

“Disabled Vehicle Blocking”: This phrase struck me as I drove to work this morning.  I start early (7:00 am) and leave early to avoid backups.  When things are smooth I can get to work in about 30 minutes or less (sounds like Dominoes pizza) in the morning, but if I get a later start, even by 10 minutes, that can add 20 minutes to my commute.  Part of my morning routine is to listen for traffic conditions along my commuting route and I have come to believe that the news brief reads the same script each day depending on the time.  I have on numerous occasions been driving through the “congestion” as it was reported yet experienced none of the traffic described.  The phrase “disabled vehicle blocking” sends me in a panic as that can turn my 30 minute commute into a 90 minute commute.  This happened to me on my second day back to work after a layoff.  A vehicle broke down right where I turn off of the main thoroughfare.  When I finally crawled to the spot, the disabled vehicle had been moved to the side, however, a truck had run out of gas while stuck in traffic (they were filling it up as I went by) and still blocked one lane.  Unfortunately it does not matter on this stretch of road which side of the road the incident occurs as “rubber-neckers” back everything up the opposite direction. 

Morning Drive

In radio lingo the “morning drive” is the period when you may be listening to their radio station as you commute to work.  These are often the times when put on some of their most desirable shows and if they can attract enough of you listeners they can charge more for advertising. 

I recently took a job (it actually turned out to only be a job…too bad) where my morning drive lasted just under one hour.  I always had the radio on, but I generally took much of time planning my day or as the stress level increased at work I used the time to figure out how to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks.  This explains why it turned into just a job.

I Miss

I started a new job in January.  I didn’t have a lot of options at that time so I accepted a job where I have a 60 minute commute each way, longer hours, poorer benefits (but better than unemployment), longer hours, mountains of stress, a thankless workload, longer hours, oh and longer hours. 

Driving home tonight at 7:30 pm I noticed this bumper sticker on the car in front of me at a stop light.  It took a few seconds for the message to register, but it gave me a chuckle. 

Bracing For Round Three

Round one gave us around thirty inches and was followed shortly by another twelve from round two.  One more day with snow and February will break the record for snowiest February of all times.  The record is predicted to be broken tomorrow after a week-long respite with above freezing temperatures and dry roads for commuting. 

A unique thing that I noticed during the recent deep freeze and mountains of snow was how many houses started gardens on their roofs.  Icicle’s were springing up all over town and hanging from gutters.  It became almost a daily chore for me to knock the new sprouts from the edge of my roof only to have them grow back the next day. 

A Tale of Two Pardons

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,
it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness. . . .
                                                                  Charles Dickens

It was the best of times,

I heard on the news today that President Bush (yes he still is President) commuted the sentences of two border guards, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.  The trial, conviction and sentencing of Ramos and Compean became a rallying point for many who believe that our elected politicians want open borders.