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The Charm School

charm schoolAuthor Nelson DeMille takes back to the Cold War deep inside Soviet Russia where United States’ “diplomats” work inside Moscow seemingly simultaneously against the KGB and the American diplomatic community…

“I need the truth.  The real truth, not the Soviet truth.  I need some information on a former Red Air Force training facility…North of Borodino…A former ground school.  The Komitet uses it for other purposes.  You know the one I mean, don’t you?…but it must not be too important, General, or you’d have told me long ago…It is so important, Colonel, so potentially dangerous for the future of Soviet-American relations and world peace, that it is better left alone…If you know anything about the facility at Borodino, you will know that getting me out of here is a cheap price for what I can tell you…It will blow your mind, Colonel.”

A REAL President

I, unfortunately, did not really follow politics back in the eighties and missed most of this man’s message.  YouTube allows us to hear what he had to say.  What better way to learn than to hear him in his own words.  The first video contains excerpts from Ronald Reagan’s debates with then President Carter.  I was stunned at how much of Reagan’s message and criticisms of Carter apply to Obama.  Here we are over thirty years later still fighting the Progressives over the same issues…

…What it means to be an American…

…his humor…

Moscow Club

moscow clubI am not sure why a book originally published in 1991 was one of the offerings at our airport. I was early picking up my wife last Saturday night and because of security there was nowhere to really go within the facility as most of the stores are on the other side of the security section. I had finished the book that I brought and was faced with an hour or so left to wait so I went to the only open venue and paid full price for a paperback. Author Joseph Finder included an introduction in 2013 to set the tone of the novel;

The Case For Democracy

In his book, Decision Points, President George W. Bush mentioned the impact of a book authored by a former Soviet dissident.  Natan Sharansky spent years in Soviet prisons simple because he was Jewish, wanted to leave the USSR, and was vocal about it.  Sharansky shares his experiences first as a political prisoner in the Soviet Union then as an Israeli official.  The Case For Democracy is his story and history as it relates to his experiences in perhaps the two most threatening periods of our time; The Cold War, and The Global War On Terror.  Sharansky provides a compelling case showing “the power of freedom to overcome tyranny & terror.”

The Defector

The Russians are back from the Cold War in Daniel Silva’s new thriller in the Gabriel Allon series.  This may be his best work yet as I could not wait for it to hit the shelves.  The Defector did not disappoint as I could not put it down. 

For those of you who did not know, the Russians were the bad guys.  As usual, Silva uses current political events as a backdrop for this novel surround the secret community of spies.

I highly recommend that you add The Defector to your summer reading list.  You really don’t have to read the others in this series, but you will enjoy this book more if you first read Moscow Rules.

ReWriting History

Berliners woke up on a summer day in 1961 to find that soldiers from communist controlled East Berlin had constructed a barrier between themselves and West Berlin.  Comprising mostly of barbed wire, and armed guards, the wall was soon constructed to be a more permanent barrier.

This escalation of the Cold War sent a chill throughout the western nations.  President Kennedy visited in 1963 and his famous words are still celebrated to this day.  This is a portion that I feel expressed the sentiments of many: