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A Time For Giving

Donate_FullAs we approach the Christmas season many of us look inside ourselves to consider how we can help our fellow man.  This is truly a time of giving and Americans are more generous than most other nations.  I am not just talking about aid given by the federal government, but donations by average people who often open their pocketbooks when others are in trouble.

I read a heartwarming story about an organization that received nearly $3 million from Americans to help reduce their debt.  Unfortunately their debt is fastly approaching $8 trillion.  If you have guessed that the organization is the United States and the Treasury Department accepts gifts.  This is in addition to the taxes we are all forced to turn over. 

A Bird In the Hand Will Cost You 20 Bucks

…six geese a laying,

F i v e    g o l d    r i n g s,

Forget the calling bird this year’s rings will cost you $350. and the nine ladies dancing will cost you $4,759, but a partridge will only set you back $20.

It is that time of year.  Actually I started seeing Christmas decorations several weeks before Thanksgiving.  When I was young, stores didn’t put out Christmas decorations until December 15…what a great day.  I also had to walk two miles each way to school into strong headwinds and uphill each way.