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Threat Vector

threat vectorJack Ryan squared is back!  I call it that as this Tom Clancy novel, Threat Vector feature both Jack Ryan, Sr. as the Commander-In-Chief and his son Jack Ryan, Jr. as a member of the super secret Campus.  While the title and cover photograph suggest warfare, and there are those components, this big threat is of a cyber security nature and I have to fret over how close to the truth Mr. Clancy is with the abilities of our enemies…or by another name the Chinese.

Red Cell

“From the Tom Clancy for a new generation.  A debut thriller following two CIA outcasts who must race to stop a secret Chinese weapon that threatens to provoke a world war.”

That description from the dust jacket pretty much sums up the novel without giving too much away. Red Cell started off a little slow for me, but in no time the pace and the plot picked up making this an exciting thriller.  The last one hundred pages were gripping.

There Should Be Investigations

No I’m not talking about the travesty that seems to be developing in Florida with the witch hunt and show trial of George Zimmerman.  Oh he may be guilty of many things…there has just not been enough “official” (i.e. real) facts that have come out into the public to convict him.  In this country, up until a few years ago, that was the role of our judicial system.  The investigations should be about how, under the Regime of Barack Obama, an American company that had been the biggest in the world has been overtaken by a Chinese company.

News Briefs – Volume XXII

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1: What are the REAL chances of meaningful tort reform in the United States when one of the men responsible for that task files a lawsuit. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is suing the company that runs the cafeteria at the Longworth House Office Building. The suit claims that his veggie sandwich “contained dangerous substances, namely an olive pit, that a consumer would not reasonably expect to find in the final product served.” So when you get something with olives it is not reasonable to possibly find a pit once in a while? Since when is an olive pit a “dangerous substance?” Kucinich is only asking for $150,000 to cover his “permanent dental and oral injuries requiring multiple surgical and dental procedures,” and he also wants compensation for his pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment. I can imagine the heartfelt testimony as Kucinich describes his crippling fear of olives and not even being able to stand the sight of Popeye’s girlfriend.  Perhaps it would have been more fitting if the dangerous substance had been a nut.

The Chinese Are Stealing Our Jobs

CalvinEconomicsAbout a year ago I was asked to participate on a committee (I know yikes a committee) from our local school district.  The idea was to pull together the community to work with district personnel to better prepare students for college and working life.  Our district has an outstanding track record in academics and that is one of the main reasons that we moved here long before we had children of school age.  At one of the first meetings we brainstormed about topics where more emphasis was needed to better prepare our children.

Life Meanders

1119090658The last 36 hours has been really weird.  Hence the lack of posts for the last two days.  One of the stretches of road that I take to work is a four-lane road characterized by an abundance of traffic signals and they seem to add one more each year.  It is not too bad during off peak hours, but during rush hour it stinks.  I am able to flex my schedule and start early, but the past few months, that has not made much of a difference.