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Always On Labor Day

My wife and I recently had the task of taking our youngest child off to college.  Though not terribly far away this is our last child and sort of an end of a chapter in our lives.  There will be holidays and summer, but more time will be spent living away than with us.  That is life and that is how it is supposed to be rather than sitting in their childhood bedrooms staring at faded posters into their late twenties.

All About Cheese

I recently reviewed a book titled Who Cut the Cheese that prompted this posting.  In the book, cheese is a metaphor for whatever you want out of life.  I wondered about that.  What if you just want some cheese?  Cheese doesn’t have to represent success or money or fame.  It’s just cheese.

Can’t life be that simple?  I love cheese and I am not ashamed to admit it.  Sorry to all of you lactose intolerant people.  Try to be more accepting of us cheese lovers.  Can’t we just get along? 

Who Moved My Cheese

There are hundreds of books about how to run your life and survive in business.  One of my favorite authors in this genre is Spencer Johnson, M.D.  Recently, a lot of us are dealing with change in our lives and we will read a great deal about change over the next few months.

Who Moved My Cheese? is a simple parable that reveals profound truths about change.”  You experience how the characters deal with change when their “cheese” is moved.  Cheese is whatever makes you happy; your job, your food, or your stuff.  How will you deal with the immanent change approaching for all of us?  I was doing pretty well, so I am not looking forward to too much change.