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The Plastic Magician

Charlie N. Holmberg is the fourth in the Paper Magician series.  If you’ve not read any, well shame on you, but in case, these are set in England more or less and the stories center around magician apprentices who are bonded to certain materials.  In this novel we meet Alvie Brechenmacher who was fortunate to get her first choice in materials, plastic.

“Alvie admired the mark of her achievement a little longer before removing the hat and untying the knots of the apron, which she reverently folded and set at the foot of her bed. A Polymaker. Her. It was really happening, wasn’t it?”

The Master Magician

master magician

Ceony Twill returns as perhaps The Master Magician with a powerful secret she has learned during her battle and killing of Grath Colbalt.  She has recovered from her injuries and has a strong personal relationship and is preparing to take her tests to become a Magician.  Her mentor, Magician Emory Thane, has decided that another Folder should administer her exam to avoid any appearance of conflict should she pass with him as her examiner.  She understands, but becomes concerned when the examiner actually despises Thane and she is concerned that she will not get a fair test.  Oh and there is a Excisioner out to kill her and her loved ones.

The Glass Magician

glass magicianIn Charlie N. Holmberg’s second novel in the Paper Magician series Ceony Twill has returned to her studies under a recovered Magician Emory Thane and has a greater interest than just his paper magic.  In The Glass Magician Twill enlists the help of a Gaffer (bonded to glass) in order to pursue Grath Cobalt, a man who she knew to be pursuing her and prepared to do her and her loved ones harm.  Rather than sit back and wait she decides to go on the offensive.  Though she is smart, she is young and may have underestimated the evil of Grath Cobalt…and the consequences could be deadly.