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Socialism (soh-shuh-liz-uhm)

Socialism is defined as:

Socialism 2“an economic system of government which advocates state ownership of the means of production with equal distribution of goods among the people.”

  • Socialist governments own the banks, car companies, farmlands, factories, and stores, and is the only employer and consequently owns the means of production.  The government controls all investments, production, distribution, income, and prices, as well as all organizations, schools, news media and formerly private societies.
  • Socialism is the antithesis of capitalism, opposes private ownership of capital or land, and rejects the free market in favor of central planning. 

Autumn Approaches and Acorns Are Falling

My family went on a nature hike last weekend and I noticed that many of the oak trees are dropping their acorns.  Happy Fall days are here for deer and squirrels, but not so great for ACORN (“Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now”). 

Although long ignored by the main stream (drive by) media, recent investigations by two journalists have finally blown the lid on the “alleged” corruption of this organization.  Both Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly have investigated and broadcast some of the unseemly tactics of this organization, but it took videos taped by James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. 

A Pressmas Carol – Chapter One

This is Chapter One of a three part short story on a Free Press.

Charles had a hard time sleeping that night.  Next Wednesday was a very big day for him as he had an important presentation to give.  He was not worried about what to say or how to fill the time allotted; that was all prearranged by the host.   He knew that the host’s staffers were busy vetting the “real people” who would be reading the carefully prepared questions.