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A Pressmas Carol – Chapter Three

This is Chapter Three of a three part short story on a Free Press

                                                    (Chapter One can be found here and Chapter Two here).

Charles was startled awake again from his sleep, but this time it was his alarm.  Charles never pushed the snooze button, but today he indulged himself.  He deserved another 8 minutes of sleep.  He remembered his dreams vividly, but did not comprehend the meaning behind the visits.  For some reason, he expected another ghostly apparition, but the third had not arrived and for that he was grateful.

A Pressmas Carol – Chapter Two

This is Chapter Two of a three part short story on a Free Press

                                                                                (Chapter One can be found here).

“I’ll never eat curry again as long as I live.”  Charles whispered to himself as he began to think about Wednesday’s date with destiny, “I wonder if they’ll serve Kobe beef for lunch on Wednesday.”  Although it was late, Charles felt a little hungry.  He had heard about the weekly cocktail parties that the Enlightened One hosted.  Charles was a little envious as he had never been invited.  “I am sure to be included this week.” He thought, “I’ll be right there in the house.  They will be sure to invite me.”

A Pressmas Carol – Chapter One

This is Chapter One of a three part short story on a Free Press.

Charles had a hard time sleeping that night.  Next Wednesday was a very big day for him as he had an important presentation to give.  He was not worried about what to say or how to fill the time allotted; that was all prearranged by the host.   He knew that the host’s staffers were busy vetting the “real people” who would be reading the carefully prepared questions.