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Follow The Money

I am unsure about how accurate the numbers are in this graphic, but I have heard that the underlying truth is that there is a VAST difference on how much of our donations are actually used by charities.  I’ve always heard that the Salvation Army is one of the best.


A New Global Authority

“There is urgent need (for) a true world political authority that can manage the global economy, guarantee the environment is protected, ensure world peace and bring about food security for the poor.”

This is a recent quote from a world leader.  I want you to guess who made the statement. 

  1. Barack Obama
  2. Ban Ki-moon (head of the U.N.)
  3. Warren Buffet (second richest man in the world)
  4. George Clooney
  5. Hu Jintao (leader of China)
  6. Fidel Castro