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Uncommon can best be described as a self-help book for men written by a famous NFL coach.  Tony Dungy is an interesting man and even though he only played and coached for the Pittsburgh Steelers for a few years he did stand out as an uncommon man.  Subtitled “finding your path to significance,” Tony Dungy shares many personal examples and experiences of others to reinforce his thoughts on such subjects as character, fatherhood, friendship, mentoring, career, priorities, and faith.  It is obvious how much his belief in God steers his life which might seem a little at odds with his life as a successful professional football coach.  It was nice that he gave some recognition to players who share his values.  As a Pittsburgh Steeler fan I, of course, loved the references to the organization and none more than to former coach Chuck Noll, the greatest NFL coach ever (how many others can claim four NFL titles?). 

Separated At Birth – Griffin/Moore

Peter Löwenbräu Griffinis a fictional character and star of the animated series, Family Guy.  Peter is the head of the family and is noted for his unbelievable schemes and bizarre, nonsensical utterances.  No one with any intelligence takes Griffin’s ideas seriously and would never think of inviting him to help anchor their NEWS coverage of the Republican National Convention.

Michael Francis Moore is a fictional documentary filmmaker and star of liberal propaganda movies.  Mike is the head of his amassed fortune and is noted for his unbelievable “documentaries” and bizarre, nonsensical utterances.  No one with any intelligence takes Moore’s ideas seriously and yet surprisingly this StupidWhite Man was asked to participate in the coverage for USA Today of the 2004 Republican National Convention.