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Saving Money – Executive Style

obama ceoMuch is made in the media about exorbitant salaries of corporate CEOs. Even as a capitalist the compensation that some CEOs get seem way over the top, but that is between them and their stockholders. One thing about CEOs, however, is that they generally are responsible for what happens to their company in good times and in bad. The buck stops there.

Business Speaks…FINALLY!

It has been beyond comprehension to me that business men and women have not really spoken out about the direction of our country and the climate in which they have to navigate to do business. They have been so un-Galt-like that it frankly had me frightened. There have been those like Steve Wynn and the bombastic Donald Trump who have been outspoken, but most have been silent. Some have begun to speak and their knowledge of the economy should carry weight and many have been darlings of the lame-stream media so they’ll have some coverage, at least initially until the media “discovers” (i.e. told by the White House) that they are really crackpots.

News Briefs Volume XV

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories…

Brief 1“The King is gone but he’s not forgotten.   This is a story about Johnny Rotten.   It’s better to burn out, cause rust never sleeps.  The King is gone but he’s not forgotten.”  Sometimes the left is so out in left field and it is fun to watch them try to “eat” one of their own only to have it thrown back in their face.  Famed Sex Pistols front-man, Johnny Rotten apparently was criticized for planning a concert in of all places, Israel.  It is very posh to be anti-Jewish and Pro-Palestinian on the left, but Mr. Rotten would have none of it;

Finally We Hear From Industry On Healthcare

If you are fortunate to have a Whole Foods Market near you, it is a great (though not cheap) place to shop for organic produce.  I would have to drive my SUV forty minutes to get to the closest one so we only occasionally shop there when we happen to be nearby. 

You would expect the co-founder and CEO of an organic food market to be pretty far to the left and John Mackey may be just that, but his recent actions are heartening for those of us wanting to be heard above the din of the health care debates.  I have had several posts on the issues and even prepared a down loadable post card that folks could use to contact their elected representative.  On the card, I listed several suggestions where reform could start.