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Forgotten Tales of Pittsburgh

In Forgotten Tales of Pittsburgh I was expecting to read about the not forgotten tales of Pittsburgh like the “fourth river” or the mysterious military plane the allegedly crashed into the Monongahela River and disappeared.  I was pleasantly surprised that this was really about forgotten tales; some tragic, some funny, and some enlightening.  I don’t know if you have to be from the Pittsburgh area to enjoy this, but it did make it more enjoyable to visualize where some of the events took place.  In fact I took a ride this morning to see one of the places and drove on one of the other places that author Thomas White described.

News Briefs – Volume XIV – Upside Down World

News briefs are a collection of interesting news stories and this volume is chock full of stories from an upside down political world…

Brief 1:  The Keystone State (Pennsylvania) has recently announced that they are making changes to their appliance rebate program.  Pennsylvania budget deficit projects are not good so you would expect that a rebate program might be on the chopping block.  Not in Pennsylvania’s upside down world.  It was announced that the rebates are actually INCREASING, some by more than 100%.  In all fairness this is “stimulus” money (federal tax dollars versus state tax dollars).