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Barack’s Christmas List Discovered

Emboldened by the folks who released the data and e-mails creating the Climategate scandal (except for the United States) someone has accessed White House computers and has found President Barack Obama’s Christmas List.  Rumor is that Obama is still a Christian even thought he had to be guilted into putting up the White House nativity Magic Obamaballscene.  The list was partially released to The Garlic web site who leaked only one of the items on his list. 

Based on recent Rasmussen presidential polls, most Americans are thinking he is more naughy than nice so the jury is still out on whether he will get this gift. 

Update – Cash For Clunkers

Cash For ClunkersMuch has been written about the notorious Cash For Clunkers program.  Supporters relished in the fact that it was very popular and spurred automobile sales.  It should not be a surprise that a program that gives money away will be popular (at least to those getting the money) and should increase sales.  Opponents claimed that the program was a waste of money and rewarded people who probably did not really need the money and eliminated thousands of serviceable cars from the secondary market.

Cash For Clunkers

I saw the following headline in Pittsburgh’s supposedly more conservative newspaper this morning:

‘Green’ rebates jump-start auto sales

Unless you have been hiding in a box, the news is flush all of a sudden with news of this program where you can get up to a $4,500 rebate when you trade in your clunker for a newer and more fuel efficient model.  I have heard a few conservative pundits talk about the program today and generally disparage the program because of its “green” roots.