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The Incomplete Far Side

One of my first posts was a review of a compilation of the complete works of Gary Larson’s The Far Side.  It is perhaps the most viewed post of my web site.  Two days ago I received an email message from Mr. Larson’s company or agent who apparently surfs the web looking for unauthorized uses of Mr. Larson’s works.  I admit to having used a few cartoons as part of my review, but I do believe that their use was reasonable and part of my review though I have to admit to getting carried away.  Perhaps I was enjoying his work too much.  I was somewhat offended by the implication that I somehow was illegally using Larson’s work and true to my form substituted this image for the cartoons:

Luke Says “Go Snow”

One of my favorite cartoons as a youth was Underdog.  Have no fear, Underdog is here!  Of all of Underdog’s protagonists, none were more irritating than scientist/inventor Simon Bar Sinister.  One of his weapons was a machine that made snow.  I can still hear him running around wreaking havoc yelling “Simon Says Go Snow.” 

The Complete Far Side

January 1, 1995 was an important day for many of us.  It certainly is not one of those “I remember exactly where I was when I heard” days, but something bad happened.  Gary Larson retired after fourteen years drawing The Far Side.  At the time, his work was syndicated in over 1,900 newspapers worldwide.  That is quitting while you are at the top.