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Ole King Coal

“What I’ve said is that we would put a cap-and-trade system in place that is more — that is as aggressive if not more aggressive than anybody else’s out there, so if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

Super Freakonomics

In the follow-up to their best selling and controversial book Freakonomics, authors Levitt and Dubner traveled a less controversial path.  As usual they provide interesting theories, but I found Super Freakonomics to to have missed the connection and detail relating to economics.  The book is probably more readable for the general public, but I missed the details in every story.

One of best parts of the book was a discussion about global warming near the end of the book.  It was the first balanced discussion that I have ever read.  The discussion centers around a group of brilliant men and should be part of a robust public debate:

Is Blackmail Too Strong A Word?

You can be the judge regarding whether the term blackmail should be attributed to the actions of government officials in the following two stories. 

blackmail ravenstahlThe first story features local politicians in the City of Pittsburgh.  As a little background, the City of Pittsburgh has been in state receivership for a number of years because city officials cannot control their spending.  One of the biggest factors is their underfunded pension funds.  Pittsburgh’s Democrat boy mayor, Luke Ravenstahl, has quite a scheme to raise taxes (it always seems to be about raising taxes) without really ticking off his constituents.  He has decided to impose a one percent tax “tuition” tax on all students attending institutions of higher educations within city limits.  His position is that they receive “services,” but do not pay anything towards them.

New Carbon Dioxide Rule Riles

epa_sealLeaders from around the world are flying their private jets to Copenhagen this week to attend a summit to develop a framework for global governance predicated on man made global warming or climate change.  With this meeting as a backdrop, the United States Environmental Protection Agency is expected do designate carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant.

This “endangerment” finding by the Environmental Protection Agency could pave the way for the government to require sources that emit carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases to take measures to reduce emissions regardless of whether the legislature passes the unpopular cap and trade legislation.  

Global Warming…Who done it?

UPDATE – December 16, 2008:  The Associated Press released the following article yesterday (12-15-08); Obama Left With Little Time to Curb Global Warming.   Some highlights of the phrases used in the article include; “ticking time bomb,” “time is close to running out,” “the time for delay is over, the time for denial is over,” “a matter of urgency and national security,” and my favorite; “We’re out of time. Things are going extinct.”  I love how Mr. Gore, who is quoted as if he were a scientific expert (he did win a Nobel Prize – mentioned in the third paragraph and they did mention that it was for “peace”) and the others never want to debate and are urgently warning that we must change NOW.  It takes until the 22nd and 23rd (and last) paragraphs for the AP to note that 2008 is actually cooler than previous years.  To them cooler temperatures is “proof” that there is global warming.