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Whew…Only 364 Days Til Christmas

Now that Christmas is over this is a time when I prefer to relax and enjoy time with family.  A few years ago my kids and I entered a contest sponsored by John Mayer for decorated cakes.  We spent the whole day making this cake even going as far as pouring blue hard candy for the water.  I still cannot believe that we didn’t win or even place.  No sour grapes here, but our cake was way better than the winners and we even made a video of the process.  You can read the original post for December 26 here.  I hope you have some time to relax before New Years Eve.

I’m A Cart Watcher

A hobby that I have developed is cart watching.  When we Costco shop we generally have lunch and I love to watch what other people buy.  A friend of mine calls it the 200 club because that is about what it costs to get out of the store.  I recently spoke to the local manager on a busy Saturday and he told me that their revenue averages around a half million dollars on a typical Saturday.  It is amazing how fast you can get to a hundred or even two hundred dollars. 

December 26

One of the hobbies we enjoy in our house is a little unusual as we sometimes like to decorate cakes.  Recently John Mayer held a contest for his fans to decorate cakes and send in photographs for a chance to win prizes.  Our family accepted this challenge with our day after Christmas themed cake titled; Dec 26.  I took time lapsed photos as we made a cake featuring famous Christmas characters vacationing after the big day and put together a video for your enjoyment.  I have also included some shots of the cake after the video.