Framing the Dialogue

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Back of Beyond

“Cody was not good and he was incapable of being good, but that didn’t mean he didn’t recognize and revere goodness, and he’d do anything—anything—to protect those blessed with clean, unimpeded wiring. Like his friends the McGuanes, whom he’d helped. Like Hank Winters, whom he’d failed. Like Justin, his miracle son, whom he had to save.”

In Back of Beyond, we meet Cody Hoyt, a small town detective who struggles with life.  An alcoholic estranged from his wife and son.  Barely able to keep his job.  One thing he excels at is detective work, or rather he is dogged when he is on the trail.  When a close friend is murdered he is almost unstoppable.  Only his vices can get in his way as they often do.  When he finds out that his son may be in danger, he shifts into high gear.

The Bitterroots

Cassie Dewell is working to start a new chapter in her life starting her own private practice as a private investigator.  Her background in criminal justice is both a boon and bust for her new endeavor.  In Bitterroots, a favor owed is cashed in by a defense lawyer forcing her to travel to the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana.  Her task is to try to exonerate a man accused of assault.  Cassie finds herself facing a town owned by one family and not afraid to exert their influence.  Her feeling that she is working alone against all odds is not far from the truth…something everyone in Bitterroots doen not want discovered.