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The Athena Project

When I read about a new novel from a favorite author I get excited and when the tease is that it features a new characters I had to rush out to buy it.  Brad Thor’s newest group of operatives begs for a comparison to Charlie’s Angels.  Sorry Brad, but having a four woman team of operatives commanded by a male is eerily similar.  Since this is Brad Thor and not a network television show the level of action and intrigue is at a higher level and the dialogue is better.  Super operative Scot Harvath makes a “cameo” appearance in the book, but The Athena Project is all about the “world’s most elite counter-terrorism unit” as they race against time to save America. 

The Last Patriot

Brad Thor has brought us Scot Harvath meets The DaVinci Code in this thriller.  The Last Patriot still pits the United States against islamist extremists, but President Rutledge has taken the fight to the base of the Muslim issue…The Koran.  While Harvath doesn’t quite give up exotic weaponry, stealthy operations, or enhanced interrogation, he is more concerned with ancient literature, Don Quixote, wooden puzzle boxes and Thomas Jefferson.

The First Commandment

Another first-rate thriller by author Brad Thor.  This time the jihadis hit a little to close to home to suit super agent Scot Harvath.  In The First Commandment the Islamic Fundamentalists threaten a segment of our population that will raise the hackles on the back of your neck and reach for your own gun if you have one.  Harvath is unable to get help from America’s agencies so he relies on some surprising people in his quest to identify and eliminate a diabolical killer who threatens American lives. 


No rest for the July 4th holiday weekend for special agent Scot Harvath.  HIs plans for a relaxing time in New York City in mildly interrupted when Islamic fundamentalist/terrorist strike the city.  Once the initial shock wears off Agent Harvath and a few others realize that the strike was only the beginning.  Harvath has to call upon all his resources to change the terror tide.


It’s official, Scot Harvath is not only hazardous to the health of America’s enemies, he is hazardous to the health of any reader lucky enough to read about his exploits.  Surely I jest, but I often stay up very late engrossed by the lengths Brad Thor’s hero takes to destroy his enemies making me less than chipper the following morning.

Blowback takes us on a world-wide search and destroy mission to stop a jihadist threat against the United States using weapons perhaps more frightening than nuclear.  Thor borrows from the headlines to develop his characters including a female carpetbag senator who is rather unlikeable and is married to a philandering husband.

State of the Union

“The Russians had made one fatal mistake – they hadn’t cleared their message through Scot Harvath, and he was going to be damned if those lying communist bastards caused the collective head of the United States of America to bow even a fraction of an inch in deference to the new world order they planned to unleash.  He’d been to Russia, and he’d seen what a shitty country it was.  As far as he was concerned, they’d gained too much prominence on the world stage, and it wasn’t time for the United States to step back, it was time for someone to shove the Russians the hell off.”

Path of the Assassin

Secret Service Agent Scot Harvath is back tracking down bad guys (terrorists) who had responsibility for the president’s kidnapping as detailed in The Lions of Lucerne. Author Brad Thor again has written a gripping, exciting, attention-grabbing novel with Path of the Assassin.   Hero and former SEAL Team member Scot Harvath continues his battle against Middle Eastern terrorists, foreign governments, and even the CIA. 

The strained relationship continues between lone-wolf Harvath and other United States’ agencies.  Even with a common goal Harvath often is at odds with them as they try to capture or kill a mysterious silver-eyed assassin.  In an unusual twist a group apparently turns the tables on Islamic terrorists by engaging in a determined campaign to seek vengeance using their own terrorist tactics. 

The Lions of Lucerne


I had heard good things about author Brad Thor’s novels featuring U.S. Secret Service agent Scot Harvath.  Rather than read the latest volume, I went back and bought his first novel. The Lions of Lucerne lived up to what I had heard, but it grabbed me and pulled me in like I love novels to do.  The Secret Service’s main role is to protect the President, however, powerful forces pull off perhaps the crime of the century killing all but one of a Secret Service detail.