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The Christmas Bus

It’s that time of year when scores of Christmas novels and short books come on the market to warm our hearts. I have read quite a few in my day and they are generally enjoyable and often uplifting. I found The Christmas Bus at a favorite charity discount book sale. The name alone was intriguing…The Christmas Bus!

Set in Christmas Valley, Oregon, a town struggling to survive the loss of its primary industry reinvents itself to capitalize on its unique name (yes there is actually such a place). The main characters are an older couple where the husband is a minister in the town and his wife runs a bed-and-breakfast. The best laid plans seem to come apart and their Christmas is not typical.

Plum Island

I recently read Nelson DeMille’s book The Panther and rather liked his writing. Plum Island is a step backward in time when I believe that detective John Corey was first introduced by DeMille.  Corey is a homicide detective with NYPD and is staying at his uncle’s house in Long Island as he recuperates from a unsuccessful attempt on his life.  He get pulled into a bizarre murder investigation when two of his acquaintances are murdered.  The novel is named after the island in which the murdered couple work and is home to a federal biological research facility.  Not quite at home in the quaint little towns, Corey ruffles some feathers as he looks into the lives of the victims.

The Last Man

“Fine, you stubborn fool. Rapp has already warned you what he would do to you if you stabbed him in the back again…Does he strike you as a man who doesn’t follow through on his threats?’…His friend had turned into a stubborn old fool who thought the Americans lacked the resolve to play this nasty game at his ruthless level. For the average American he had a point, but Mitch Rapp was in no way average…’If you aren’t afraid of Mr. Rapp then you need to have your head examined.”

The Panther

I did a thing that I don’t like doing.  I read a book, The Panther, that was not the first in a “series.”  It was just sitting there all attractive in its silver dust jacket at Costco so I bought it.  I had started another, less exciting book, and wanted a good novel to read.  Author Nelson DeMille certainly delivered.  The Panther is a bad guy, a very bad man.  Perhaps the worst is that he is an American citizen who now has an intense hatred of America.  You can guess the religion to which he espouses, though that is not a big part of the book’s narrative.

Sons of Fortune

Jeffrey Archer is one of my favorite authors and I love to find one of his novels that I have not read in a bargain rack. Sons of Fortune was one such find.  As is my M.O. for novels I really hate to give too much away in the review.  I often feel that even the inside cover gives away too much.  I’ll tiptoe around a little by telling you that this is the story about two men who share a secret that even they do not know.   The mystery is, of course, whether they ever find out the secret.  The novel started out a little slow for me and primarily jumps between the two main characters.  By the halfway point, however, I was hooked and desperately trying to figure out what was going to happen.  I got a few, but not all.  The near ending was somewhat predictable, but Archer made me skim an earlier portion of the book to find out the real ending.  It was well played.

The Fallen Angel

“He was below average in height – five foot eight, perhaps, but no more – and had the spare physique of a cyclist.  The face was long and narrow at the chin, with wide cheekbones and a slender nose that looked as though it had been carved from wood.  The eyes were an unnatural shade of green”

The Digital Photography Book Part 4

If you have read parts one through three you’ll need to read The Digital Photography Book, Part 4.  If you haven’t read the others, buy them when you purchase Part 4.  You would think that author Scott Kelby would start running out of techniques to write about, but thankfully for us he hasn’t.  Part 4 is another winner as it features over a hundred (no I didn’t actually count them) “step by step secrets for how to make your photos look like the pros.”  There are two features that make Kelby’s books sharper than others;  first is his sense of humor, second is that he presents the tips like he is there with you and gives the information to get the shot, third is that he always shows off some cool new stuff that I wanna have.  I know that’s three, but I like humor too.

In Secret Service

“In 1964, James Bond’s creator sealed a package containing a manuscript he thought no one would read until fifty years after his death.”

That’s the subtext of the storyline of the novel set in 2005.  The heroine, the granddaughter of a man close to an inner circle of the British government, finds herself in possession of an Ian Flemming’s manuscript that many people are “dying” to get their hands on.  The premise loosely tries to thread together several of the British monarchy’s skeletons including the death of Princess Diana and the abdication of the throne by the Duke of Windsor.  Author Mitch Silver provides some interesting theories in this novel, In Secret Service and differentiates between fact, fiction, and supposition in the Athor’s Note.

Then We Came To The End

I don’t want to suggest that you need to work in a cube city office to enjoy this book.  I don’t want to suggest that you have to have endured a series of layoffs at your work to enjoy this book.  I don’t want to suggest that you have to work for an advertising agency to enjoy this book.  I do suggest that the more of these experiences you have the more you’ll enjoy Then We Came to the End and I consider myself somewhat an authority since I’ve experienced two of the three.

10,000 Steps A Day

I had heard many times that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle (weight, exercise, mental status) a rule of thumb is to take at least 10,000 steps everyday.  In some ways that sounds like a lot, but as much as I walk in a day I thought I’d be close.  As I was browsing around Amazon I found a very cool pedometer that counts steps, estimates distance, calories burned and keeps a record of the last seven days measurements.