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The Einstein Prophecy

einsteinThe Einstein Prophecy is an unusual combination featuring components of The Monuments Men and their search for historic artifacts during World War II, The Shining as evil comes to Princeton, and a race to build a nuclear bomb before the Nazi’s can complete the task.  Albert Einstein is a featured character in the novel by author Robert Masello. 

Fatal Goof

oopsI may have to add this headline caption to my list of things to avoid.  I have goofed a lot in my years and obviously they have never reached the fatal stage.  This, however, is not a sad headline as you might first think.

This Fatal Goof was  “An instructor teaching his terror recruits how to make car bombs accidentally set off explosives in his demonstration on Monday, killing 21 of them in a huge blast.”  The good news for the Iraqi Sunni “insurgents” (the Associated Press still cannot call them terrorists) is that the bombs are quite effective…the bad news is that the bomb was quite effective though a bit early on the trigger.  The further bad news for the terrorists (see AP that’s not hard to say) is that the blast showed the military the location of their once-secret training camp just north of Bagdad.

I Am Adam’s Mother

As the inevitable debate begins about how best to implement more gun control I express hope that the more critical issue of mental health finds its way to the forefront of the dialogue.  After the tragic murders in Connecticut it is a hard position to take defending our Second Amendment rights.  I have little doubt that wafflely politicians will take the easy way out and pass some meaningless gun control law that won’t stand up to Constitutional scrutiny.  They whine and gnash their teeth that they “tried” and grumble about “activists” on the court.

Rules of Engagement

I walked into our living room a few nights ago and my daughter was watching Miracle which is the Hollywood version of the United States’ hockey team winning the Olympic Gold Medal at the 1980 games in Lake Placid, New York.  I had stuff to do, but I made the mistake of sitting down and got hooked.  I had seen the movie before and remembered the actual event (I even think I had saved the Sports Illustrated magazine that came out after the win).

The Silent Man

I was looking for a quick book to read as I took a break from Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week.  It is not that the book is bad, but there is so much to absorb that I wanted something mindless.  The Silent Man caught my eye as I searched the newly released paperbacks.  None other than the New York Times extolled it virtues; “The Silent Man succeeds in seizing the attention from the start and never letting go.”