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What The Dog Saw

What the dog sawIt slices, it dices, it does the work of many other home utensils.  We have all seen the commercials and while we often turn the channel, a lot of times we watch…and even buy.  In the first chapter of What the Dog Saw I was treated to the fascinating background and life of world famous pitchman, Ron Popeil. 

Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors and Blink is on my top ten list.  When I first saw his new book in the store I naturally picked it up to buy it, but was not enthused by the description and actually put it back down.  The description that this was “the best of his writing from The New Yorker” did not interest me. 


Using the phrase “The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” to describe your own book does not sound like a smart way to publicize your book.  I thought that there was far too much thinking without thinking going on in the world.  So why would I read this? 

I liked Malcolm Gladwell’s first book The Tipping Point not just for its information, but also because of his writing style.  Gladwell’s books provide a lot of information, but he writes in a very readable style and in an interesting way.  Based on this, I bought the book.

The Tipping Point

I remember taking over as the construction manager at my facility.  Our previous manager took another job and construction season was approaching.  I likened that summer to surfing.  I would get on the wave each day and see where it took me.  Schedules were often thrown out the window early each morning.  One of the tools I was given was a car phone (they weren’t cell phones yet).

I would use the phone and start making calls to subcontractors on my way to work, coordinate work throughout the day and end the day setting up the next day’s work. 
When the bill came that first month, my boss was a little upset since it was over $200.  That’s not much these days, but 15 years ago I took some heat.