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Steve Jobs

“Genius, scattershot-friendly (that is when he needed something), special, bristly, detached, insensitive, sensitive, socially awkward loner, crazy, intense, aloof, crazed shaman, charismatic, creepy, dark, complex, manipulative, abusive, narcissistic, brutish, driven, full of bravado, cold, brutal, emotional, temperamental, bratty, tyrannical, anti-loyal, untrustworthy, tactical, obnoxious, impetuous, autocratic, and insanely great.”

Behind Every Great Philanthropist Is…

I heard a quote once that went something like this, “behind every great philanthropist is an equally great tragedy.”  Unfortunately I could find neither the exact quote or the wise man who said it.  Rush Limbaugh did a piece on large corporate giants Apple and Google and how they skillfully and legally avoid paying United States taxes on profits made overseas.  Both Apple and Google have created a socially responsible public image while conducting their businesses in perhaps a way that might seem hypocritical to the jaded person.


When my children were growing up, we participated in their activities.  My wife and I did the scout thing (both boys and girls) as den leaders, helped organize holiday events, did book fairs, volunteered as band parents, and lots of sports activities.  All of our children played soccer and I often volunteered to help coach.  As they got older and better, I was encouraged to take classes and get a license to coach.