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Talk Me Off Of the Ledge

No I am not planning to throw myself off of a tall building, but life as a conservative seems rather harsh and I keep looking at how easy it is for liberals with more than a little jealousy.  Life for a liberal is quite simple…

  • It’s a life where they can go from Global Cooling will kill us unless we do something, to Global Warming will kill us unless we take drastic (and costly) measures, to a nice balance of Global Climate Change which gives them cover to every climate situation.  They seem to have no qualms about making these label changes and are as vociferous in their arguments.  Oh and they have the backing of the elitist media. That’s much better than the facts.

No Such Thing As A Stupid Question?

How many times have you heard the phrase that “there is no such thing as a stupid question?” You have probably heard it a hundred times and we generally agree that if someone doesn’t know about a subject the question cannot be stupid. The following comment was posted on a website and while you may allow that the question is not stupid, the person asking is either stupid or lacks intellectual honesty by not doing a little homework before expressing his opinion in the form of questions.

Jumpin Barack Flash…There’s No Gas Gas Gas

It seems like the price of gasoline jumps ten to twenty cents between each time I need to fill my tank.  I don’t have a particularly long commute and I am able to start work early to avoid most traffic, but between work and play I fill up twice a week.  The price of crude oil is again spiking hurtling us ever closer to four dollar a gallon gasoline.  Perhaps the bigger story is how quiet Congress and the lame-stream media are on the high prices; I should point out that not only gas prices are skyrocketing – media also fairly silent.  It’s almost as if they are trying to protect someone or like the high prices.

President Addresses Rising Gas Prices

The President addressed the rapidly rising fuel prices by asserting that he is both aware and deeply concerned about the rising price of gasoline.  After consultation with his teleprompter he offered a solution today that offers no immediate relief and in fact may remain a long way from approval on Capitol Hill: Pedal Cars.

As he and his family watched White House workers weed the White House Vegetable Garden he acknowledged that gas prices have shot up over 25 percent in recent weeks.  He did note that drilling for more oil in our territory or constructing additional refining capacity would offer a great deal of hope in boosting oil production and eventually cutting the price of gas.  “Supply side economics works, but will not push us toward our goal of really small plastic car for all people and by people I mean except for us elites.”