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Update – Up In Your Business

A few months ago I wrote about how government likes to all up in your business. They just cannot help themselves. One of the examples was how the City of Pittsburgh through its Urban Redevelopment Authority used eminent domain to seize a local theatre in Pittsburgh. The Garden theatre had suffered from the decline of city theatres and the proliferation of suburban multi-screen venues. They somehow survived by catering to the XXX movie crowd. I obviously don’t know the details of their finances, but they stayed in business for decades screening those flicks. That is until the City of Pittsburgh decided that the area would be better suited to a retail development.

Put Down the Oatmeal…

We are bludgeoned daily about eating right.  Eat oatmeal, don’t eat bacon (a very sad statement), lots of fruit, lots of veggies, wash everything, eggs are bad, coffee is, I cannot remember whether coffee is good or bad right now.  Same for milk…good to grow strong bones bad because of the fat, hormones, antibiotics, and cows are probably uncomfortable when the milk is “removed” from their udders.

Finally some research that we can use: