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controlThis is a very good book by Glenn Beck that will be devoured by his fan base and heartily ignored by most everybody else as he exposes the truth about gun control.  In Control, Beck and his coauthors use the most common arguments of the gun control crowd and not only questions the “data” that they love to quote, but shows that their data is wrong.  He also uses many of their direct quotes as an introduction to the sections.  Glenn Beck’s purpose was to give us the ammunition (I couldn’t resist that one) to respond to the lies often used by the Michael Bloomberg’s of our world.

Agenda 21

Glenn Beck’s new book with coauthor Harriet Parke has two parts so I’ll review it like that…

First the novel.  In Agenda 21 the authors depict a 1984ish feel of a dire future world or somewhat like the Hunger Games series.  A world very different from what we have.  A world that is frankly hard to imagine where a young women struggles with understanding her world and the bits and pieces she learns of the previous world.  The story follows the life of this women as she comes of age and faces difficult challenges.

The Christmas Sweater

I takes a lot to put yourself out there for all the world to see.  Glenn Beck has never seemed to shy away from letting his listeners, viewers, or readers see deep inside himself.  The Christmas Sweater is a such a story.  It is a glimpse inside a very painful, life-affirming, and enlightening period of his life.  Beck changes some of the facts to tell his story, but it doesn’t affect the impact of the tale.  As I read this touching novel I found myself trying to predict where it would go.  I knew, obviously, that Mr. Beck survived, but I wondered what path his journey would take.  The Christmas Sweater is an engaging tale and well worth reading.

The Overton Window

I drove past the gas station the other day and was pleased that the price had gone down…to $2.69 per gallon.  Since I drive nearly 30 miles to work each way gas prices are always on my mind.  It is funny how gas prices at one time reached four dollars a gallon and then eventually came back down, but never all the way back down.  I find it sad that I am now content with prices under $3.00 and get tense when it creeps up.

Arguing With Idiots

Arguing with idiotsThis is my third Glenn Beck book that I have read and it is by far the best.  As a person who pays attention to political issues, I found An Inconvenient Book and Common Sense a little basic though containing new information.   In Arguing with Idiots Glenn Beck provides a great deal of information for people in tune with politics and enough to blow the others away.  Glenn should have provided either some duct tape with the book or at least a coupon to buy a roll.