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The Law

The Law2Just a few days ago I commented on my desire for Americans to learn more about economics.  I also finished the post adding the need to learn about history.  The writings of Frederic Bastiat prove this second point.  Bastiat died in 1850 yet 160 years after his death words speak to many of the issues that we encounter today. 

In The Law, written shortly before his death, Bastiat makes a compelling case that law in France at the  time was being misused to commit legal plunder.  Laws passed that allow government to take from one person and give it to other persons to whom it does not belong do not change the fact that something is TAKEN from the first person or plundered.  The passage of such laws make the plunder legal.  We most recognize this plunder in the form of taxes.

Economic Sophisms

If you follow my posts, you probably know that I like economics.  I my travels I had heard about a French writer, Claude Frederic Bastiat who cleverly exposes economic sophisms.   I had thought that sophisms were similar to myths, but a sophism actually is meant to deceive.  I have come to believe that most of the economic drivel that we are fed is meant to fool us while allowing those in power to tinker with our future.

Tinkering is bad.