Framing the Dialogue

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Holder’s Hapless Honor

I have a suggestion.  It is probably not very practical.  It would be fairly impossible to accomplish, but I would love to have it work for a while.

First I’d like the Republican presidential candidates to suspend their campaigns for a month, maybe 45 days.  No more endless debates, no more Cain bimbo eruptions, no more Perry gaffes, no more Romney (actually vanilla-flavored Romney has pretty much been quiet), Newt can still zing the media.  Let’s no longer give the media fodder so they can avoid and provide cover for what should be the big story on every night’s newscast.  Second let’s forget about Kim Kardashian’s fake marriage and all other Hollywood drivel.  Third let’s ignore anything with the word “occupy” anywhere in the title. 

Living In The Twilight Zone

February 6, 2009 Update:  The Obama Administration’s continued flirtation with law-breakers keeps getting worse and worse and worse.  Here are his latest poor choices:

Secretary of the Health and Human Services – Tom Daschle:  It seems the former senator “forgot” to pay $128,000 in taxes over three years.  He paid the back taxes plus $12,000 in interest and penalties seemingly right before his confirmation hearings.  It was also disclosed that Mr. Daschle also made millions of dollars since he failed to win re-election in 2004.  He was paid by a law firm, but is not a lawyer and claimed that he is not a lobbyist.  If it gets paid like a lobbyist and looks like a lobbyist and smells like a lobbyist, he mustn’t be a lobbyist.