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I Am From The Government – Try to Fire Me

Now that I am no longer a government employee I feel very comfortable criticizing government employees.  Actually I have always been comfortable criticizing government employees only now I cannot get in trouble…

I recently was honored to witness one of my former colleagues speak at a conference for technical people.  This person is not an technical person, but a lawyer.  The presentation was to provide information on common problems so that they can avoided by the attendees.  The attendees paid to attend the conference. 

Hubris (hew – bris)

This is the first in the new series – Framing the Dictionary.

Hubris is defined in as:

“Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance”

As you scroll further on the web page they offer this second definition:

Hubris [hew – bris] or hybris, the Greek word for ‘insolence’ or ‘affront’, applied to the arrogance or pride of the protagonist in a tragedy in which he or she defies moral laws or the prohibitions of the gods. The protagonist’s transgression leads eventually to his or her downfall, which may be understood as divine retribution or nemesis. Hubris is commonly translated as ‘overweening (i.e. excessively presumptuous) pride’. In proverbial terms, hubris is thus the pride that comes before a fall.