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Just A Note

I just want to thank all of you who faithfully or otherwise visit framingthedialogue.  Yesterday marked the second anniversary for this website and I look forward to the next twelve months.  If I had one request of you I would really like to hear more comments (except for that liberal lady from the Costco posting).  It is really rewarding to hear your opinions from time to time.  Lavish praise is also welcomed.

I actually have another favor.  If you like framingthedialogue tell your friends and have them take a look at it.  If you hate framingthedialogue tell twice as many friends to have them look at it. 

Happy Birthday!

Framing the dialogueYesterday marked the one year anniversary of Framing The Dialogue.  The idea for the web site started many months before that when I registered the name.  My original hope was to call it “Framing The Debate,” but that site name was taken.  In retrospect, Dialogue is better than Debate.  I was eventually able to get Debate so look for that site sometime in the future where I hope to encourage more of you to participate in debates.

I would like to thank all who follow the site and hope that you keep coming back.  I had recently added the “Share This” feature so that you can forward postings to friends.