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Truly Dead

Truly Dead is the fourth in the Elise Sandburg mystery series.  Elise and her partner, David Gould, were fired from the Savannah, Georgia Police Department and started their own consulting/investigative partnership.  They have achieved some national fame as they helped solve a case in Chicago.  When they return home, however, a grisly find at a house reconstruction project pull them back into the dark underworld of Savannah.  Elise reluctantly joins the police to find a killer, one who was supposed to have died many years ago.  Participating in this investigation puts all of her family at risk and makes her start to face the demons in her past.

Pretty Dead

If you happened upon my post and are looking at my book reviews you may have noted that I just posted the third review in a row of one book series which means that I read them back to back to back.  That means that I really enjoyed the novels. Pretty Dead is the third book in the Elise Sandburg Series.

Stay Dead

“Elise lowered her weapon and asked a question that had been dogging her for far too long. “Doesn’t anybody stay dead around here?”

Stay Dead is the second novel in the Elise Sandburg Series set in Savannah, Georgia.  Homicide Detective Sandburg is recovering from wounds and is confronted by a number of surprises including a serial killer dubbed “the organ thief” by the local press.  As you may guess, Sandburg and her “Yankee” partner try to solve the killings before the killer strikes again.

Play Dead

Play Dead is the first in the Elise Sandburg series.  Elise is a detective on the Savannah, Georgia police force.  She is a homicide detective and a very good one.  She is also rumored to be the daughter of an infamous “Root Doctor” from that city.  She has rejected that lifestyle for the more “legitimate” one…the more “real” one, but has a hard time outliving the legend of her deceased and very famous father and the wild stories that surround their lives.