Framing the Dialogue

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Post Election Grief

I can either cry or laugh.  I’ll laugh first and probably cry sometime around January   15 when we hurl off the “fiscal cliff.”

Stage 1 – Denial: This hit me around 10:00 Tuesday night as I listened to Karl Rove point to his dry-erase board trying to show how Romney still had a chance,
Stage 2 – Anger: This hit me around 3:00 am on Wednesday morning when I woke up to see Romney not only lost, but lost his home state, Ryan’s home state, and many more.
Stage 3 – Bargaining: This hit me the next morning when I began to feel better and how important it was that we kept the House of Representatives.
Stage 4 – Depression: I have flashes of this off and on usually when I see Obama on television or watch my stock tank.
Stage 5 – Acceptance: This was in the afternoon on Wednesday and read Red State’s blog/email and realized that we have achieved the status quo.

A House divided against itself cannot please constituents

In this series I choose a current news article and you decide via a multiple choice format which terms were used and whether others would have been more accurate…….

It’s hard to imagine what could drive public __________ (disgust, love, approval, opinion) of Congress even lower than it has been this year. But a pending public ethics trial of one of the House’s most senior __________ (Democrats, Republicans, Democrats, Democrats) (and possibly a second) and an angry, prolonged__________ (hissy fit, tirade, weiner session, melt-down) on the House floor that has gone around the cable networks and YouTube just may be the answer.