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100 Books

book shelfOur friends at Amazon sent me an email with a link to the “100 Books To Read In A Lifetime.”  My curiosity was peaked so I went to the link.  Now I’ve read a lot of books, some of them even considered literature, but I wanted to know how many of these “Lifetime” books I had read.  The first thing that struck me was how few I had read.  I unofficial count was twenty out of the hundred.  Many of these were kids books that I had read with my children while they were young.   Some I wanted to count, but resisted as I had not read the books, but proof read book reports of many of these when my children read them for school.

Vacation 2012 – First Stop

Around the lower East Coast in nine days. We have always talked about a driving vacation. Not one where you drive somewhere and stay for a week, but one with multiple destinations. The year our youngest became an adult (the day before we left) we finally did it starting at 0200 Saturday June 16, 2012. According to Bing the total trip would be tens of hours and just under 1,700 miles. That sounds daunting (it was), but there were five drivers in which to divide the time.

The Digital Photography Book Part 4

If you have read parts one through three you’ll need to read The Digital Photography Book, Part 4.  If you haven’t read the others, buy them when you purchase Part 4.  You would think that author Scott Kelby would start running out of techniques to write about, but thankfully for us he hasn’t.  Part 4 is another winner as it features over a hundred (no I didn’t actually count them) “step by step secrets for how to make your photos look like the pros.”  There are two features that make Kelby’s books sharper than others;  first is his sense of humor, second is that he presents the tips like he is there with you and gives the information to get the shot, third is that he always shows off some cool new stuff that I wanna have.  I know that’s three, but I like humor too.

My 10,000 Steps

Perhaps not as widely used as “drinking 8 glasses of water each day” or “an apple a day…”, the belief that taking ten thousand steps each day will pave the way towards total health is almost as well known.  On many levels that makes sense to me.  I have a relatively new position where I work that entails a fair amount of walking 2-3 times per week with some climbing slopes included.  I had been doing this for a few months and I noticed something weird.  I was able to tighten one more belt hole, my pants got a little bigger, and I didn’t gasp for air when I strode up a steep slope.

10,000 Steps A Day

I had heard many times that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle (weight, exercise, mental status) a rule of thumb is to take at least 10,000 steps everyday.  In some ways that sounds like a lot, but as much as I walk in a day I thought I’d be close.  As I was browsing around Amazon I found a very cool pedometer that counts steps, estimates distance, calories burned and keeps a record of the last seven days measurements. 

The Book of Life

I was digging in an old box at a book sale and found a set of what looked like leather-bound books and were tied together with a piece of gold elastic.  The Book of Life was originally written in 1925 by Robert Collier who was know as one of America’s original success authors.  The clerk only charged me one dollar for the seven book set and it was autographed.

I was not sure what to expect, but as I got into the first volume I was amused by some of the perspectives from years even before my parents were born,

Nicked by the Bullet

A few weeks ago I postulated about how much damage the lame duck session of Congress would inflict on the American people (Duck Duck Screwed). Like my Amazon Wish List, liberals had their own, more costly wish list that we would have to pay for. Many of these items were specifically not brought to the floor prior to the election as they were vote killers and would have likely precipitated an even more lopsided win by Republicans.

Find A Way

If you had asked me two months ago who my top ten favorites Steelers were Merril Hoge probably would not have been even on my list…maybe not even on my top 25.  He was a running back during the years toward the end of Emperor Chuck Noll’s coaching days and the start of Bill Cowher’s tenure.  There were some solid teams, but no where near the glory days of the franchise.  A good friend recommended his book saying that she found inspiration in his words and that intrigued me so it was off to Amazon for me.

Power Down

You can add author Ben Coes to the list of my favorite thriller writers Vince Flynn, Ted Bell, Brad Thor, and Daniel Silva.  In Power Down the United States is attacked by fundamentalist terrorists after burrowing into our country’s infrastructure for decades.  The attacks are concentrated on our ability to produce energy.  As intelligence agencies race against time to stop future attacks two unlikely characters become heroes in the cause. 

The Digital Photography Book Volume 3

What do you do when your first two books do really well?  Scott Kelby did the natural thing and wrote a third, the aptly named The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3.  As in his first two digital photography books (he has written other books) Kelby writes with the perspective that he is out with you taking pictures.  His descriptions provide technical information without overwhelming you with jargon.  It also doesn’t hurt that he uses his sense of humor to entertain.