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The Quest

The questNelson DeMille is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. His writing is smooth to the point where it is almost like I am not reading; as if I am almost in the story. The Quest  is a republish of a novel originally written and published nearly forty years ago. As noted in the foreword the historical events were current at the time of the original writing. Reading the adventure four decades later did not deter from the story.

With Friends Like These…

As someone who sits more in the middle (I don’t buy the “right” label anymore) I cannot help but chuckle as President Obama’s leftist friends start to treat him with the same level of respect as they used for President Bush. They have held their tongues for over two years, but as Obama faces the tough path of being elected versus running for office, some of his actions are leaving his “friends” unable to hold their tongues. It would be more humorous if the issues weren’t more serious and perhaps with the future of our country at stake.

The Rising Tide

You pretty much know all of the famous names like Eisenhower, Hitler, Patton, Rommel, Bradley, Churchill, Montgomery, etc. and you probably have seen at least 10 movies about World War II.  So what’s new to write about the “Greatest War?”

Jeff Shaara is one of the greatest storytellers of this genre and the new part is that Shaara pulls together a great deal of research and pulls it together into a fantastic tale.  Even though you know that we win the details and drama captured me all the way through The Rising Tide.  Shaara, as expected, does not disappoint.

Earth Day Plus 40

Last year I wrote a three part series on Earth Day. Part 1 addressed my role working as a government employee in the environmental field while balancing my environmentalism with conservatism. In Part 2 I tackled some of the issues surrounding alternative energy and why the energy solution is not easy or cheap. I finished with Part 3 with a blast of the media and the misinformation that they spread as facts about the environment.