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Low Inflation…Apparently Is A Bad Thing

influshionLow Inflation…Apparently Is A Bad Thing?  According to the headline in my local paper;

Low inflation’s ugly side? Weak economy

The headline is a link to the full article, but here are a few “precious” quotes from the article…Sorry to Adam Smith;

what the global economy could use right now is a dose of higher prices.” [perhaps the authors have not ridden to the gas pumps or shopped at the grocery store lately]

Free to Choose

It often amazes me when I find a book written many years ago that still has so much relevance to today. Free to Choose was written over thirty years ago yet addresses many of today’s problems.  Written by Milton and Rose Friedman is “A Personal Statement” by two excellent economists and “unravel the mysteries of economics for the man or woman in the street (Wall Street or Main Street).”  That quote from the book cover may be a little cheesy, but the Friedmans cover a variety of economic topics in an interesting and understandable manner.

The Economic Naturalist

Economic NaturalistI had recently been “in search of explanations for everyday enigmas” when I happened upon a book by Robert H. Frank.  Frank believes that “even those who have taken an economics course in college typically emerge with little working knowledge of basic economic principles.  I agree and in The Economic Naturalist Frank compiles numerous examples from everyday life.  While the title may scare many people away, it is an entertaining book to read and is not at all dry.  Through Frank’s examples you get a great background on how the free market and economics play a role in many unusual ways.