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Smart Meters or Sneaky Surveillance

Smart meters are on the way and the surprising or shocking thing is some of the stories of fellow citizens actually being arrested for trying to refuse to have a smart meter on their homes.  I never thought much about it, but these meters can be used in some nefarious ways.  More information is needed.  The following video by Jerry Day who is against the meters.  I am ambivalent, but gaining concern when government/industry is able to force us to have what amounts to a monitoring device on our house.  I hate to channel Orwell’s 1984, but some of this stuff is creepy.

Agenda 21

Glenn Beck’s new book with coauthor Harriet Parke has two parts so I’ll review it like that…

First the novel.  In Agenda 21 the authors depict a 1984ish feel of a dire future world or somewhat like the Hunger Games series.  A world very different from what we have.  A world that is frankly hard to imagine where a young women struggles with understanding her world and the bits and pieces she learns of the previous world.  The story follows the life of this women as she comes of age and faces difficult challenges.


From the back cover:

“Written in 1921, We is set in the One State, where all live for the collective good and individual freedom does not exist.  The novel takes the form of the diary of mathematician D-503, who, to his shock, experiences the most disruptive emotion imaginable: love.”

On the front cover:

“A new translation…”

Ordinarily I would not even pick up a book written in 1921 translated from its original Russian, but it was recommended by a friend.  That was not enough though until I was told that Ayn Rand was influenced by this book.  After finishing the novel, I have to admit that I did not really see the influence in Rand’s work although there were some common threads. 


1984It had been quite a few years since I read George Orwell’s novel about the future and at time 1984 was the future.  Here we are 25 years past and I was compelled to read Nineteen Eighty-Four again as there seemed to be too many parallels to what is happening in America.  I am not suggesting that we have gotten to the same place as Orwell’s Oceana, but a number of recent events had a somewhat chilling effect on me.


A number of my recent book reviews were written decades ago.  The odd thing about all of them has been how pertinent they are to the world we live in.  Economics In One Lesson, written in 1946, seemed as if it was written to address our current economic woes.  The 5000 Year Leap was written in 1981, but is based on teachings from the 1970’s and unveils the glories of our Constitution for many of us who learned very little about our founding documents other that memorizing a few pages.