Framing the Dialogue

Swift Kick

Eleven days ago I wrote Un-Vacation detailing some post vacation troubles.  At the time I thought that it was heralding my path back to regular blogging.  Obviously I was W A Y wrong.  For thing I am writing on a brand spanking new PC.  Before you get too jealous at my new machine I only spend $1000.oo because I had no choice.  You see my “old” computer didn’t suffer the blue screen of death.  I put it to sleep one night and it just wouldn’t wake up the next day.  No pulse.  No breathe.  Cold to the touch.  Sadly for me my “computer guy” at work was on an extended vacation.  Here I was with all of my ideas (many of which are stale now) and no way to post…at least no practical way.

I sat there one Independence Day mulling my choices.  I had the new PC in my Amazon cart and if I paid a little extra I’d have it by Friday and able to set it up over the weekend.  As much as it hurt I pressed the purchase button and began my wait.  I even implore my daughter to hand around the house on Friday to sign for my precious package.  The UPS folks usually deliver in the mid afternoon and I started sending some texts hoping for good news.  No package.

When I got home and checked my $1K PC was sitting on the front porch.  No signature required?  That was a little surprising, but I brought it in and tore into the package.  It is far different these days as PCs ship with very little accessories.  I was back in business.

Except that I wasn’t.  I plugged in and powered up to…drum roll…nothing.  Okay perhaps the batter needs to charge a little so my wife and I went out to eat.  I came back and still nothing.  A call to Amazon resolved nothing.  A call to Asus took me on a three hour oddessy.  The issue was that something happened to Windows.  The Asus representative was very patient as he should have been since I received a useless paperweight instead of a PC.  I was amazed at how he was able to guide me through a process to reload and get the computer working.  It still took three hours, but he stayed on the phone with me throughout. 

During my wait time I took a chance and tried to turn on my old PC.  Like Lazuras it came to life.  Shit!  So now I have two computers.  That actually worked out for me as I could recover my data.  The two PCs actually talked to each other wirelessly to transfer my documents, photographs, and settings. 

So here I sit trying to get used to a new keyboard width and hopefully a gateway to regular posts.

PS my “flu” turned into a nasty sinus infection requiring a heavy dose of antibiotics.  I still don’t feel well, but it is better. 

What a kick in the nuts.

PPS there are a lot of pictures of guys getting kicked in the nuts on the Internet to pick from.


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