Framing the Dialogue

Summer’s Out Of Reach

Nobody on the road,
Nobody on the beach.
I feel it in the air,
The summer’s out of reach.
Empty lake, empty streets,
The sun goes down alone.


While summer doesn’t officially end until September 22 this year for all intents and purposes summer is pretty much over for us.  We have recently been blessed with some needed rain, cooler temperatures, and a great deal of sun.  I can go outside before 7:00 PM without breaking out in a sweat and our windows are open to the fresh air since the humidity level is now bearable.  I think I can count on one hand the number of times left to cut the grass.  That may be wishful thinking, but there cannot be too many more than that. 

Driver's side rear door


The end officially started last weekend when we took our middle child back to school.  It was a little early, but she volunteered to help the incoming freshmen move in and help orient them to college life.  Most of her college friends live far away and they did not see each other over the summer break.  Most of them moved in early also so I suspect they are now enjoying college life without the studying.  

Passenger side rear - she actually fit in there for the trip.


It is my contention that my daughter actually took more stuff to college this year than her freshman year.  She and my wife dispute that fact, but I have the photographs to prove it.  Our trip last year filled our Rav 4, but I was still able to use my rear-view mirror.  No such luck this year.  It was full to the brim including the stow away compartment under the rear floor.  I have to check, but I don’t think this included any winter gear. 

The second sign/event was when our eldest started school on Monday.  He is going to work full-time and go to school full-time and I suspect that his days and weeks will be busy for the next four months.  He does have some light at the end of his tunnel and should graduate from college in May (right son?).  

The third sign was this morning when our youngest started back to school.  Her summer was somewhat muted as she takes honors classes and had to read and write about three books and had a great deal of biology homework.  She is now an upperclassmen in high school and one benefit is that she can skip school buses since she has friends who drive.  I wasn’t home when she got back today, but her text pretty much summed up her first day, “school sucked today =(” 

A final sign is the fact that we have nothing scheduled for this weekend.  No parties, reunions, trips, etc.  Whether we’ll relax remains to be seen.  My wife has her eyes on the garage with a strong desire to “take everything out and hose it down.”  Maybe it will rain.  Cleaning out the garage sucks =( 

I still have a few things to accomplish, however.  I am still waiting on my first tomato.  My aunt gave me some purple striped heirloom seeds and I started them back in April.  I hope they’re worth the wait.  I had a few green ones getting ready on the vine, but some critter (I suspect a raccoon) availed himself of them in July.  I have a few that have replaced them and I am watching over them, but the coon has been a pest most of the summer. 

There will be a few weeks to enjoy mild weather before the autumn chores start…leaves…trimming trees…winterizing…cleaning out the garage….

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