Framing the Dialogue

Stuff White People Like

I didn’t judge this book by its cover or title.  Actually I did and I expected a funny look at my culture.  What I got in Stuff White People Like is a trite book from an apologetic white guy who pokes fun and stereotypes white people in a sad way that he could NEVER do about another race.  He (author Christian Lander) should try.  The book was only moderately humorous and only in a few of the 150 things that whites like.  The book should have been titled “Stuff White-Apologist Left Coast Elitists Leftists Think White Folks Like”.  This is a sad book by someone who is ashamed of his culture and probably full of white-guilt.  That’s too bad.

Some examples of Christian Lander’s proof that even a broken clock is right twice a day:

“it’s outside (white people love being outdoors), they can bring their dogs and children in expensive strollers, and they get to see other white people. If they are single, it’s a good place to meet other single white people who share their passion for sustainability. If you are looking for an activity you can share with your white friends, nothing will progress the relationship faster than a trip to a farmer’s market.” [Again liberal, big-city leftists only…some of us go for the fresh produce]

“Did you know that if you are able to acquire a friend of every race then you are officially designated as the least racist person on earth? Though this is impossible, white people treat it the same way that Buddhists view enlightenment—unattainable, but with great virtue in the attempt. 

“Wait a second, doesn’t public radio get most of its money through donations by white people?” If so, you are right, and while this sort of explains NPR’s programming choices, political bias, and staff, it’s not a good idea to point it out to white people.”  [Okay this is true and why I NEVER listen to NPR.]

“White people know that their ancestors did some messed-up things. As a result, it has become hardwired for them to apologize for almost anything.” 

“Jumping the shark” is a phrase that was coined after an episode of Happy Days in which Fonzie, a lead character, jumped over a shark. Many people point to that as the moment the show stopped being worth watching.”

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